Saturday, November 24, 2012

Randy's Thanksgiving Thoughts

Dear Family,

I have spent quite some time this month thinking about Gratitude.  If fact, I have taught several of my coaching sessions this month on the subject of Gratitude.  All the research shows that in order for people to understand what Gratitude is, we have to get them to talk about it.

I would like to challenge the Jensen family to watch the following video and then share on our family blog your thoughts on gratitude.  Talk about why you are grateful.

If this video doesn’t make you cry or at least get a lump in your throat, I don’t know what will.

Here is the link.  It is the story of Derek Redmond in the 1992 summer Olympics.

Now, name someone who has influenced your life for good.  Who has shaped or molded you into who you currently are?  Who has performed some kind act of service in your behalf?  Share with us how you have been influenced for good because of someone else.

I remember when Grandma Elsie had her surgery in October of 1985, and we all knew on that day that we were going to lose her.  The pain of the moment is still quite real.  Grandpa Reed was with Grandma Elsie at the hospital that day,  and Larry, Lloyd, and I carried on in the harvest.

We didn’t have cell phones in those days so Lloyd was the one who would call into the hospital from the sugar beet receiving station and keep us updated as to mom’s progress during the surgery.   I can still remember the expression on Lloyd’s face as he got out of his truck to come and tell me the final news.  I knew before he said a word that the news was not good.

What I remember that has shaped my life is what happened the next few days following her surgery.  I still marvel how our neighbors and ward members gathered together an army of people and equipment and pulled into our fields and helped us finish our harvest.  Within 2 days our harvest was complete.  I am so grateful to those people for allowing us to spend precious time with Grandma Elsie before her passing.  I know that act of service has shaped my life for good.  I will be forever thankful.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Casey and Tonya BLOG

Tonya is fantastic about updating her blog! Please check it out since its too much for me to paste it all over to this one....I'm not kidding, she is really, really good at keeping it updated.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here is a random video to watch...very inspirational!

Brad's Reunion Run-down

I tried to create a Top 10 List from the reunion, but I can't narrow it down to just 10. So, I decided to go with highlights from each day that either make me laugh (still), or that were really cool/special:

  • Baptisms with Becca and Adi
  • Dad whistling for the server to bring more water at the restaraunt (that's funny right there...)

  • FORE! Golfing was a blast with everyone!
    • Watching Griff out-drive Troy and Eileen...twice.
    • Daxton driving through the staked rope with the cart (nice job Aunt Leenie)
    • Listening to Junior giggle on the drive home
  • The waterslide in general was fun, but listening to Lisa bust on Jeff for not waiting long enough was the hightlight for me! ;-)
  • Holy Talent Show
    • Casey Tyler - You're funny!
    • Judge Dan (Yo, Yo Dawg...)
    • Emma Swift - you angel
    • Adele, I mean Alexis - WOW
    • Troy's pose and The Randy Jensen Family Entertainers
  • Rappelling with Jeff Cheney, Maddie, Greg Rich, Austin, Ian, Alli, Brogan, Adi, Griffin and Daxton (Cheney and Rich...cough up the pics!)
  • Joe and Casey going yard after calling it (I'm not jealous...I think Joe's ball is still going)
  • Playing "Signs" (Right Dan and Teague??)
  • Kristi and Kylee's duet
  • Family History
What a great reunion! I'm so grateful to Eileen and Pam for your hard work and preparation! You pulled off a great event that filled us all with amazing memories and renewed relationships. Thank you to everyone for making the effort to be there and making it special. I asked my kids what their favorite memories were and they simply said, "just being with everyone." It doesn't really matter what the Jensen's do...we have fun doing it. Looking forward to it again in 2 years!


Friday, August 24, 2012

From Grandpa and Grandma

Finally, I have a moment and will send you some thoughts.   You can word it like you want.  Family reunions are so important to have and to attend.  Memories are made and kept through blogs and many pictures.  This particular event in 2012 will be so interesting to read 20-30 years from now.  Many will laugh and say "did I really look like that?".  This particular reunion brought six families together.  Bad feelings were forgotten and done away with.  Love and friendship renewed.
 As grandparents, who had little to do with planning and preparation, it was pure joy for us.  As we sat back and watched brothers and sisters exchange happy words, in law's fit in so perfectly, cousins happy to see each other, babies that bring joy to all, we knew that eternal families have their purpose.  It was like everyone was dressed in white and totally equal.
 The reunion began by many of us serving in the temple together.  That was special and set the tone for the remaining days.  The dinner after was filled with laughter, stories and fun.  The meals on Friday were so delicious and well done.  The talent show was so fun.  We enjoyed the personalities of so many family members, from Pyper reciting the First Article of Faith at age 2, Emma filling our hearts with tearful emotion as we listened to her sing her song, seeing the great potential in Alexis with her music, to the crazy dance of Randy and his family who hit You Tube.  Each talent gave us a great memory. 
Saturdays breakfast was superior to what any restaurant could put out.  The ball game was fun to watch in the afternoon.  Jensen's are still very good at swinging that bat for a home run.  The conclusion of the reunion was perfect with the thoughts returning to family, those who lived before and their influence in our lives.  The beautiful song by Kristi and her daughter Kylee set the mood for the rest of the evening.  The testimonies that were given by Larry, Randy, Joyce, Lloyd, Eileen and Bradley about family and their trust in Heavenly Father will long be remembered.  It was very touching.  Grandpa and I have spoken often about special moments that occurred during this time together.  We are so proud of each family member, and the way they conduct their lives.  Grandpa had a great time talking about the past a well, I had the best time just visiting with everyone and especially rocking the five great grand babies.  May we repeat this great event in two years.  Love you all.  Grandma Laurie

Thank you Nickell!

Some highlights from the reunion. Thanks to Nickell for taking AND sending these photos